March 5 – March 6 1855

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March 55

Mo 5            Lloyd work in our company
any moore, because I had told
him that i positively would
not work with a drinking man
if I could help it

Tu 6             raind last kt & all of to
day, shaw told me early
that Lloyd wanted to have
a settlement. I was making
a stool when him & shaw
came over. he said he wan
ted a devide of the money, we
have taken out while he was
on a spree. I told him I wo
uld not be botherd with him
long. he abusd & threatend
so we struck at each other
shaw caught me & Lloyd
pickd up the drawing knife

that was the table at his
sid & made several attempts
to strike me with it. I got
hold of the hatchett near the
door he then laid down the
Drawing knife. I then went
up to him said if he would
go out & give me a fair fight
I would treat him as agint
leman. he then went off &
shaw Lawrance & the wretch
divided the provisions & part
of the tools. I shaw & John
went down to the point. I got
Duesler to write a bill of sale
of my entire interest in all
my property to John for one
Thousand Dolls cash in hand
paid & went home again
the wretch is claiming an inter
est in every thing he wants

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