March 5 – March 8 1856

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March 56

We 5           Cold las kt. Breckfast over
we were ready to go to work.
Isaac Jennings came up, bre
ckfasted. We two went out to
the diggins, hose ripd, I men
ded the hose, all went to di
nner. P.M. I agreed to take
the Am. Ranch & am to give
200$ moore to be pd from
30 tp 180 days & pd 30$
in dust for hay & I am
to go over on saturday next
to close the trade, the amt
due me on mortg age $3686$

Th 6             Cold last kt, but moore pl
easant to day. I, Dave, & Bill
were mining, the hose ripd
a little. We cleand up to
day & got gold 25 1/2$. Law
yer Hogan & Hirman
was to see us to this even
ing, took supper & went home.

March 56

Fr 7              Still cool last kt. We were
mining as usual. John and
Bray came over this A.M. After
dinner I went down to the poi
nt in company with Bray &
Shults, I staid till sun set.
John Bill & Dave got gold 15$.1

Sat 8           Not so cold. I & John sta
rted for Quincy. We were there
all day. P.M. on of the Mas
sack diggers told me if we did
not let the water that was
disoute out of our ditch
he would out it & let the water
in the old channel. After
supper I closd the trade with
the Jennings for the Am. Ranch.
I executed my 3 notes for 500$
each & one for 300$ & one for 200$
all to be paid in six months.
We slepd at the Ward tavern
& eat at Jennings.

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  1. John Haun reports that on this date, James purchased the American Ranch for $5,716.