March 6 – March 11 1859

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March 59

on the long calico & my best
Boots & coat & went up town & sta
id the rest of the day, after supper
Hogan, Grubs & Mcnabb came &
set till bed time, John pd
1/2$ for candles

Mo 7            raind in the fore part & sn
owd in the after part of last kt
& mixd the most part of the day
I pd 1 1/2$ for beef, & churnd a
gain in a few minuted the best
Ive done supper over & john

Tu 8             snowd some last kt & was
cold frost on the window glass
the Back porch roof was about
to fall in we shoveld off the
snow, then I & Jones shovld
the snow away from the log
that we are sawing up, late
we sawd sawd of 6 Blocks
I shovled way some of
the snow & ice off the cellar door

Mar 59

We 9            snowd 1/2ft. dep last kt
But it was clear this morning
& continued so all day. I cut
some wood for the cook stove
& packd it the & then to sawing
we sawd off 3 Blocks before we
took dinner them I whet & set
the saw we then cut off 7 Blocks
John halld one load wood
for V. Mastin

Th 10          verry cold last kt & warm
to day, I Jones cut & split 2
cords 2ft wood & John halld it
to the Printing office at 3 1/2$ per
cord out sledge has to be repaird
John halld wood all day.

Fr 11            some cold last kt yet warm to
day clowded this after noon
from the west I & John men
ded the sledge by noon p.m.
I & Jones went to the woods & cut

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