March 6 – March 12 1853

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was North of west from 3 to 5
points with a strong wind to drive.

Mon 7        In the morning John & I some
sick, in the evening the paci
fick is quite smooth.
to bottle clarett     each .50

Tu 8            The sea is quite smooth & we are
not & have been all morning op
posite 3 hgh gautamalia coast mo
untains.  I am told we will be in sight
all day.  4 o.clk ocean quite smo
oth with gentle breeze, the steamer
is running quite as steady as a
mississippi steam boat, N of W 2/4
five is our course quite warm.

We 9            after sun set quite warm
all day.  The pacif
quite smooth.  Alls wel.

1853 March
Today we crosd the gulf
of tehauntepec.  Today I
saw a number of black fish.

Th 10          8 o.clk in the morning saw
a steamer going opposite di
rection.  Dry warm & clear has
not raind on us since the night of
th 3, the last night we was on
the San Wan river.  We will
pass Acapulco today.  At night
have just seen quite a number of por
poses & occationly a shark.  I saw
the sun set in the water this
evening & opposite the town
of acapulco after sun set.

Fr. 11          Quite pleasant all day
with a gentle breeze ahead.

Sa. 12         Warm & sultry with heavy

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