March 7 – March 11 1855

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March 55

W 7              raind quite hard last kt
& most of the day Lloyd
was mooving his provisions this
morning he is still nto willi
ng to take what is his own but
wants moore. I went down to
the point. Nelson creek & feath
er River was higher than Ive
seen it Before. I came home
at evening, the mail came in
no letters. I baught 3 news pap
ers 1$. Shaw & John got gold 8 1/2$

Th 8             I John & Shaw was mini
ng as usual several men up
from the point a prospecting
Lloyd was down to the point
to advertise for a miners me
eting, raind some this even
ing we got gold 70$

March 1855

Fr 9              early this morning Lloyd came
to shaws cabin & left a written
notice for bidding me using
any tools that he had an inter
est in until divided, like the
dog on the hay.1 he wont divide
& wants us to keep from work
raind & sun shine alterat
ly we gold gold 87$

Sat 10        frosty this morning & fog
gy the air rather cool we
were at work as sual we
got gold 115$ Lawrance & shu
lts are making Wages
Lloyd said to Lawrance
that I had shaw, bribd it
made shaw very mad

Su 11          Last kt I dreamd of be
ing with wife but do not
reccollect at what place

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  1. Variation on the popular saying ‘dog in the manger’ used to describe an individual who prevents others from having access to what he or she has no use for.