May 14 – May 19 1856

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May 56

We 14         Cold & frost last kt. I was
engaged today in making squ
are wash tubs. Bradberry tur
nd a mule on the ranch today.
Kyler stopd with us to kt on
his way to Rocky Bar.

We 15         Warm & pleasant again.
I & wife were making garden.
P.M. I pd Frank Goble 8 1/2$
making in all 48 1/2$ for 21
days work. I collevted 40$ for
ranching 21 head of sheep – Rayses.

Fr 16            I planted some mellon
seed & made too dressin ta
bles put up stairs. I collected
1$ for mule ranching & 3$
for the hire of yoke of oxen
on yesterday. I pd 4$ for a
hand saw & made a slide
ing gate to open in the
pasture, & planted six bea
ch kernells on the west side
chicken lot.

May 56

Sat 17         Days are quite warm. I
made wheels & put them on
two gates. P.M. pd 1 3/4$ for
coffee, made handles to a plough
all to finishing. I & Myres went
Phillips security for 500$ in a
suit at law to the supreme court.
John & Bill came over this evening.

Su 18           I collected for ranching
stock, of Bafs 6$ Barnett 2 1/2$
of Willman on horse 1 1/2$ on sheep
2 1/4$. I also pd Willman $42 3/4
balance on account in store in
all 102 3/4$. I, Bill John & wife took
a walk down on the ranch, re
turnd about noon. Liz went up
to meadow vally in company
with Tro Ward.1 Returnd.

Mo 19         Clowdy this morning &
raind a considerable shower in
the P.M. I finishd my

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  1. Trowbridge Ward, son of Judge William Ward, would later become Liz’s first husband.