May 16 – May 20 1854

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May 1854

Tu 16          Beautifull morning the birds are
singing their best notes & I am setti
ng in the cabin, sick not able to work
& have not eat a bite since noon yesterday.
Eat some toast & drank cup tea at
noon & went out to work in the eveni
ng & got gold 15$ four of us.

We 17         Sunny & pleasant. John & two ot
her men Shaw a partner & Hopkins
a cozin to Hawkins. They were grou
nd sloosing in another ravine the
one the old company was at work
in when they broke up. I went out
in the evening to see them but couldt work.

Th 18          S.P. for sunny & pleasant. John & the
two are ground sloosing. I was out in
the fore & after noon but scarcely
able to walk. Ive had a chill every
day, to kt I had some water warmd I
drank 1/2 gl & put my finger down my
throat & vomited. I then took two
calomel1 pills & laid down but in
the kt had to get up to vomit. I threw
of some bile rested verry bad all
kt in fact I sufferd verry mutch.

May 1854

Fr 19           S. P. Im no better I took 4 pills to
work off the colomel. It being
slow I went on the other cabin &
got a dose of oil & took that in the
evening but the chill came on * I
sufferd a great deal till sat. morning.
John & the two got gold to day 6 1/2$ –

Sat 20         S. P. I had a bilious discharge this
morning. Allso I sent Shaw after Dr.
Vaughn. He came early & fixed quinine
& dovers powders pills to take one evry
hour in the day & at bed time to take
60 gr colomel & some Dovers powders2
mixes & some opium in case it in
clind to run off in watery discharges
on tomorrow, & am to take oil in the
morning, & take one quinine pill every 3
hours till they are all gone, save the
kts. It is now 20 minutes of 3 PM.
We just had a little shower of rain
& four different thunders. I dreamed
wife was with me las kt. but I don’t
know in my dream where we met,
yes I got a pair shears yesturday & cut
my mustacth off close & cropd my
whiskers. Got gold 9$.

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  1. Mercury Chloride, used as a laxative, and to induce vomiting.
  2. An opiate used to treat cold and fever.