May 17 – May 25 1859

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May 59

Inman to help split boards
i at work at the screw

We 18         i & John turnd the stick
for the screw inman ma
king boards —

Th 19          i made the screw John
stacking up boards in
man still making bords

Fr 20            i & John making the
nut & John stacking up
boards. inman roving boards

Sat 21         Frougler pd me 7 1/2$ for
milk, John went up to the
mountain house to get mon
ey but got none. i did some
work on the nut Inamn
riving Boards, and we set
a post of oak for the lane gate

May 59

Su 22          clowdy & some windy
about noon after some
rain continued after dark
we turnd the calvs in the fie
ld next the river, i got 10$
of Sherwin for hay. on Fr last

Mo 23         i & John at work at the press
Inman making boards.

Tu 24           We were doing the same

We 25          i & John did dome work
out the press. P.M. we went the
Myress sale. John bought a cow
at $56 1/2$, Inman was at the
sale no work done the P.M.
I got 9$ of Sherwin & 20$ of Truit
John got some money of Tytus
& I got 2$ for eggs & 1$ of Bullard
& for 4$ of Mrs Coffin

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