May 19 – May 23 1856

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May 56

plough handles. Bill halld
a load of plank for Garl
and Robertson, one of the
bands came off the wheel &
Crofts put it pm cost 2$, I
gave Hundley 25$ to pay wit
ness fees & paid Harlan 31$
for potatoes. I receivd 5$ of
of Garland for halling & let
Bill have 1$.

Tu 20          Cool & clowdy. I & Bill com
mends to lay of the garden
in roses three feet, to plant pot
tatoes & other things. But Bill
quit & went up town & got dr
unk. Afer dinner I & John
finishd laying off. Judge
Searls came to hold court.

We 21         Cold & rainy. Court was
opend. Our case was calld
& set for tomorrow. Dave ca
me over about noon. P.M.
snowd considerable. John

May 56

Dave & Bill planted the last lot of potatoes.
Still snowing & continued the kt.

Th 22          Cold snowy & unpleas
ant this morning. Our case
calld & went in to trial, 12 ju
rymen seated & sworn, most of
the day taking evidence. The
case submitted about 9 P.M.
& a verdict renderd at 4 in the

Fr 23           morning, the Deft Terwilegar
is to have 10 inches of water1 out
of the disputed creek when it
is there & none when that a
mt is not there, also the dispu
ted ditch, and the intervenors
to pay cost of the intervention & get
nothing, & we are to have the rest
of the water in the creek at all
times & when there is not 10 inches
in the creek we are to have the
remainder & pay the cost of the
suit except what the intervene
rs have to pay, so may it be.
Clowdy & rainy at intervals.
I gave 5$ to bye butter.
John & Bray went over to Nelson Creek
this morning.

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  1. The miner’s ‘inch of water’ is a measure particular to the Sierra Nevada gold fields. In flume mining, water was measured according to the size of the opening from the main flume, into an area where it might be used for mining a particular claim. Ten inches of water, therefore, refers to an opening in the flume with an area of 10 square inches. Miners inches were not standardized during the gold rush, since the volume of water flowing from an opening would depend upon the size and pressure of the flume.