May 20 – May 23 1855

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May 1855

Su 20          there is a Robin trying to make me
believe that winter is past. by his
constat singing but he is a alone
as it is a bad day to be out, we had
a settlement that kepd us near all
day. we had 262$ to Devide in 4
shears. after paying 159$ for pack
ing our grub from M. vill. It
has beens snowing verry hard
most of the day & bids fare to continue

Mo 21         snowing all kt it is 3 inches deep
& snowing this morning a winters
day to all appearance & feeling. Tho
gh we all went out to work I John
& Rains got gold 72 1/2$ ripd our new
hose in to the bargin. Lloyd came
over to our diggins from the vally
but pike would not let him stay
all Kt Last in his cabin. so he went
down to the point, this morning
Duesler baught his claim for 17$
so I think she got clear of him
for the future my lesson 5th chapt of Luke

May 55

Tu 23          clear & cold last Kt & dowdy
this morning ice froze along the
leading ditches snow in spots
on the ground some clowdy & su
nshine at intervals clowded up la
te P.M. commendsd raining contin
ues at late bed time. P.M. ripd the
hose again while mending the Dept
sheriff came with 3 other men
& Lloyd & Levid an execution on all
my interest in the diggins & water
ditch & put him in possession of our
diggins, but he could not get his
hired man to go to work niether
would he Lloyd. we told him he
could not get water no work with
our tools. so he left soon after the
sheriff & we to our work got gold 1$
I & Deusler was running a 3rd seam

We 23         well. the ground was coverd
again with snow & dreary
winter looking morning I went
down to the point got a bill of
particulars in the case of

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