May 21 – May 27 1854

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May 1854

Sun 21       F.P.D. & I am here doseing my self
with caster oil & spruce tea. Just able
to get up when down. All alone. John &
the two young men have gone up the
ditch to see if they could get me a squirl
or something to make soup sis not get
anything. The young men went down
to the point to get me some fresh beef to
make soup but got none. They brought
me two letters one from wife of date
March 24th 541 & givin an account of
Daves arrival in Geo. Town Ky. &&&
& one from W.G. Haun of date March 26
542 giving an explanation of some char
ges I had against him. Jon staid
with me & done some washing for me.
I had verry light chill in P.M. at bed
time I took a warm bath & went to bed.

Mo 22         Rested pretty well last kt. P. love
ly morning. John wnt down to the
point to get tools & nails & got me some
beef to mak soup, but I fear I will have
to take some moore strong medicine be
fore I get clear of the chills. The boys
were making knew riffles to katch gold,
Our partner Hawkins got back from

May 1854

Marrysville this after noon brought
me a letter from H.P. he wrote e that
he had heard that Dave had got back
to Ky. Through W.G.

Tu 23          Pleas Morn. All at work but me Im
still improving fast. I was buizzy
all day doing little jobs about the cabin.
After dinner it clowded up thunderd
considerable haild quite heavy & raind.
No work done by the company this evening.

We 24         Pleasant morning. Four at work
washing for gold did not clean up.
Clowded up thunderd & raind & haild
this evening. I did not feel so well.

Th 25 Sun. s. & p, I am improving some.
I went out to the diggins afternoon the
boys washd up the riffles got gold 13 3/4$.

Fr 26 Sun. s.p. I feel some better. We
got gold 18$. I did not work. The
sun was partially in eclipse.

Sat 27         S. s. & p. I went out to work &
about 10 Am our goods & trunks
& fiddle was brot to our cabin. I
Made hast to open my trunk.

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  1. Martha Haun’s letter of March 24 1854 has been preserved and is available here.
  2. Not included in this collection.