May 23 – May 26 1855

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May 1855

cline vs Freer & Vaughn & John
baught the Judgement. I got with
the bill 31 3/4$. I went home again
& to sewing the hose we finishd me
nding by 2 P.M. & went to piping
we got gold 1$, I dreamd last kt
of being quite feelingly situatd
with am E W —1

Th 24          clowdy & sunshine at inter
vals late P.M. raind some I
sent over to the Am Vally to take
an appeal of the case with Lloyd
or rather to give bonds whitch I
did int he sum of 1900$ I.W.
Thompson & Isaac Jennings went
my security. I paid my Law
yer Henly 100$ & paid clerk fees
66 3/4$. my dinner 1$ and got a
letter from wife, that has been
misscarrid & I suppose lost
it is of date March 9th 55 giving
an account of her return to Geo
town & hard times & living at Pratts2

May 55

i took one of our pipes over to betsy
town & has the nozzle taken off &
a smaller one of 7/8 inches put on cost
4$ & then went home after 5 P.M.
got gold 8 1/2$ —

Fr 25            clowdy Last kt. but cleard
up to day one of those delight
full warm days that we are likely
to have for some time to come. we
have all been at work, but without
being rewarded in any way, ex
cept Lawrance he is making
good wages & 3/4 of 1/2 is for me &
John of what he makes —

Sat 26         cool Last kt some ice about
the ditch near the cabin, the sun
rose clear & bright. I started shaw
over to Betsy town to get our pipe
fixd again as it was with the old
nozzle. the rest of us at work as
usual clowdy. P.M. a little sprin
kle of rain shaw paid 1$ for fixing
pipe & gave 3$ for another, got gold 17$

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  1. Anne E. West of Georgetown, KY.
  2. Although the description of the content does not match, this may be one of the undated letters partial letters from Martha to her husband.