May 25 – May 30 1858

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May 58

Tu 25          Bill said he was sick & star
ted for the A M Vally I gave him
5$, Jake & Mc went to mining. I
went down to the point with
Fox pd him for Grub 37$ and
sold him 48$ 37 cts worth of dust
& got 2 bottles of Brandy cost 1 1/2$
came to Roots on the hill & had
to go to his mill to get a chissell
& came home by noon, after
grinding it, I made a windless1
the boys got a little gold today

We 26         the boys out mining, I finishd the
windless put on the rope withe the tub
& made stool & so on by noon, it
is raining, p.m. it continued mu
tch harder, the boys did not go out,
to work I mad another stool

Th 27          I Jake & Mc is all we were out
mining this fore noon & the picks
are broke & dull. p.m. I took them
down to the point & had 4 upset
& sharpd pd the smith 5$ the boys
we mining got some gold —-

May 58

Fr 28            I went down with Root to see
his claims on feather River oppo
site the old Bray diggins, we got
the coulor in evry pan & once 3, so
we went down to the point. I got 4
tts sugar & 11 1/2 tts beef & got home by
noon the Boys had been out mining
p.m. I mead a pick handle & was to
help them the rest of the day. got gold

Sat 29         Mack is at work by him self, as
I & Jake is prospecting some old holes
near the cabin, the first one we could
get the coulor evry pan of the bed rock
the second we have got the water out
off it & now getting dinner. after
Mc helpd us we got the mus out by
hard tugging & some gravel off the bed
rock but not the right kind it has some
gold in it, I fear not enoughf to ma
ke it pay so says Jake.

Su 30          we indulged out selves in lying
in out bunks till late but Breckfast
over we all set out. I & Jake for the
point & Mc up Feather river to see some
diggins, we staid all day at the
point. I spent 1$ for pike on billiards

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  1. A ‘windless’ is a device similar to a winch.