May 27 – June 3 1856

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May 56

the stable on the hay all eve
ning. I took supper cost 50 cts.
& staid with Derick all kt. —-

We 28         I feel much better, Breck
fasted 1/2$ I got the poney shod
all round 4$ & got me a gold pan
cost 3$ & got some oranges 3/4$
saddled up the poney & went out
to H.P.Ranch pd Ferriage 1/2$
took dinner with Cath & children
Jack came from the upper ran
ch done cutting hay up there &
started the maching on the Lower
Ranch & we then started for
town and met H.P, I turned Back
with him, he says considera
ble excitement at san Fran
cisco occationed by the vigalence
committee & the hung casey & cory1

Th 29          at half past nine I started
for R.C. Bowne, arrivd at one took
dinner, told Bub my business
we put in most of the evening
walking over his Ranch. I Bor
rowd 5$ of H.P. & 1$ of Derrick

May 56 – June 56

Fr 30            the weather cool & pleasant
after Breckfast, Bourne started
for the mountain mines to get
money & I for M. Ville arrivd
at H.P. at 1/2 past 12 noon distant 25

Sat 31        at about 10 A.M. I & Ficklin
went a fishing at Jas. Simpsons
lake we verry soon Left off. I went
in a bathing & then to town 1/2$, late
I rode out with H.P. to the Ranch

Su 1             I lay about H.P. all day
Gen Row came out & spent the
whole day with us P.M. raind
averry little, in the course of the
day womans Rights were freely dis

Mo 2           H.P. & Co has a leven harvesters
at work in hay making. I was
in the meadow most of the day

Tu 3             cool & windy for the time of
year hay making going on
p.m. Bourne came down with
512$ worth in dust & a note

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  1. James P. Casey and Charles Cora were publicly hung by the Vigilance Committee of San Francisco May 22nd 1856 at 1:20 P.M. from the windows of the committee headquarters on Sacramento Street between Front and Davis. Both had been tried before the committee and found guilty, Casey for the murder of James King, Cora for the murder of General William H. Richardson. For more information, consult the Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco.