May 27 – May 29 1855

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May 1855

Laurance did not work this P.M.
but got drunk for the first time

Su 27          up at day light. took a cold bath
& red the 10th chapt st. Luke eat
breckfast & did some mending on
our Hungarian riffles & then 5 of
us went down to the point. I & John
ground 3 axes & I got 2 letters
from wife. the 1rst of date 11th
April 551 giving an account of the
Deat of Mrs Beaty & the Burning
of Harvy Graves Dwelling House
& the instructions of Bro sant & the
want of Love expressd in my
previous letter to my wife &
the second of date april 7th without
in part of dave from Beacken
Ky & what my wife wrote was pend
on the 12th aprl 1855 she stating in
it that she had decind coming to
calafornia for the present. I baught
6 tts nails for compy & went
home eat dinner late P.M.

2 letters from wife cost 50 cts

May 1855

I then wrote my 19th letter to my
wife LETTER cost 37 cts

Mo 28         pleasant day. shaw took the
letter down to the point & maild it
we all was mining. we got gold 42$
I shall pay off shults. he has work
d 28 days this last settlement at
75$ per 26 days, amts to 80 3/4$ &
the whole amt i paid him is
181 3/4$ to work the interest that old
Lloyd was permited to work

Tu 29          some clowdy & raining a verry
light sprinkle at day brake a
fine sunny day I John & Rains
got gold 22$. Lawrance & Poister
is doing well but shaw, Duesler
& Judge heath has not made any
thing. it is moore than likely that
they will not all pay at the same time
we have an interst in all the
companys. we got 3/4 of all that
shaw has an interest in there
was a miner dide of bilious colic2

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  1. This letter has been preserved and is available here.
  2. A biliary colic, an illness related to gallbladder obstruction.