May 27 – May 31 1854

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May 54

The first thing I lookd for was

Sat 5           my wifes degarer type. I kepd it
& shewd it to my partners. We
got gold 49 1/2$. A tree coved in last
kt & broke one of our boxes.

Sun 28       Not so warm to day. After
breckfast Hawkins, Shaw, Hop
Kins & John whent to see some
digging together with the water
tools cabin & provisions but they
did not get to see them. They
went down to the point & John
brought me two letters one from
my wife of date April 10th 541
giving an account of old brothe
Smith getting a letter from
his daughter Emma & &
one from D. H. Smith of date
April 5th 542 giving an account
of his travils in the great west.
I closd my 11th letter to my
wife & John took it down to
the point & maild it. My les
son is Paul the Philippians.

May 54

Mon 29      Coll Last kt frost in many
places in the mountains p.s. day.
John & two others were washing for
gold got 52 1/2$. Hawkins & I were
out a prospecting to bye another
water ditch, but did not see the
men. After dinner we were sha
rpning tools at the point, to fix
up our hose & pipe. I took a
warm bath & went to bed.

Tu 30          Cool Last kt& ps day. John & the
two men were washing for gold got 53$.
Hawkins & I were fixing our pipes
& hose. I made two leading throughts
& a hopper to fasten the hose to.
Sunday last I had my cloths
hun out to air, what folly to ha
ve brot out here sutch cloths.

We 31         Cool last kt & not warm to day.
John & the two men got gold 36$.
They mashd a box with a tre.
Hawkins $ I are fixing for our pipe
& hose. Yes we have two knew plates &
cups & saucers. John plays the fiddle for

me & it is a heap of company.

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  1. Martha Haun’s letter of April 10 1854 has been preserved and is available here.
  2. Not included in this collection.