May 29 – June 2 1855

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May 55

on sunday kt last, that livd one
mile from our cabins —

We 30         I dreamd last kt that I was
in bed with wife & I thought she
rather refusd to indulge in that
sotial intercours as man & wife
well it is no go. The day is fine &
pleasant. I & john got gold 12$ –
my friend, Judge heath says
he is agoing to leave on tomorrow

Th 31          I & john are alone at work
we got gold 53$ Shaw & Rains
is still prospecting & Lawrance
& Roister is fixing up to work in
a ravine that Lloyd & John first
work to gether in some of it left
wel we came in a little sooner than
the rest. I was fixing about & sw
epd away in front of my cab
in & john was washing some of
the salt out of the butter, after sup
per I was mending my pants
till a late hour. That I had lind 1 year ago

June 1855

Fr 1              summer seems to have set in
the little insects are running arou
nd at tremendous rate the sun
shone out quite warm. I & John
was cleaning up bed rock & got
gold 76$. I got Laurance & Roister
to prop up a large pitch pine that
we cut down & have run the dirt
from under it for 75ft of the but
except the stump & the end lays
on the Roots since I recvd a letter
from wife stating that she did not
expect to come to cala under the pre
sent exisitng circumstances. I feel
moore like going home than Ive
done here tofore. I cant quit the dig
gins yet while they pay so well

Sat 2           we are all at wrok as usual &
weather quite warm at noon the
wind blew quite pleasant. I & John
commensd to wash down the pine
stump. we got gold 7$ I do not
feel satisfide that my wife is not
coming out as I expected

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