May 3 – May 7 1855

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May 55

Th 3             I closd up my buisness & en
gagd a packer at 6 cts per lb to
bring up our goods. my dinner
& supper 1$. I lodged with David
in the Hay loft

Fr 4              I went to the opposition stage
office paid 7$ to ride to Gibson
ville, eat breckfast 50 cts off we go
cold this morning dinner at the
oregon house 1$. supper & lodging
1 1/2$ at the buckeye house

Sat 5           breck fast 1$ and to gibson ville
arrivd at 11.o.c.a.m. eat dinner 1$
& now for a tramp through the
soft snow for home started at 1/4 of
2 p.m. caring 25 tts over the deep snow
arrivd before sun set, at home —

Su 6            took a good sleep in my own bus
I found all well a man by the
name of Judge Heath that I met
at Gibson vill goin to my house

May 55

was there a friend of Jack 7 H.P.
he wishes to get to mining. we
all went down to the point. I to see
after a letter that Henry put in
the express office Wells & co some
20 days a go. it was maild from
Gorgetown Ky it is not come to hand
we went home took dinner & weighd
our dust of the 2 last weeks work
634% & Lawrance & co 320$ 80 cts
of whitch we get 1/2 to be Divided
as the rest of our gold. all four
of us Loand I.W. Thompson
1000$ for 30 days at 3 per cent per
month. I red the 7th chapt of Mark

Mo 7            fine weather four of us went
to work. John is complaining
he got him self 1/2 Gl milk.1 Reave
her Borne was to see me P.M. &
wants to use our tail water & told
him he could. we got gold 88 1/2$ I
paid Row & Henry 50$ law fees &
4 1/2 moore clerk fees in Vaughn case

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  1. John wrote in his diary of May 7 1855 that he, “Stayed about the cabin all day. Felt very badly. Done no work today. I got some milk from the ranch.”