May 4 – May 8 1856

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May 56

Su 4             Sherwin. Rains John & Joe
came up the floom to see me
to get directions for the ranch.
John & Joe got gold $ this week.

Mo 5            Cold & frosty last kt again. I
sleep with Shults rather crow
ded but the best I can do at
present. Us for at work for Sher
win to day. getting a lon
quite slow. There is a lack of
tools, have to wait on each o
ther. Ive been patching up some
work that was done week before
last. I am in hope there will
be no moore of that sort. John
& Joe came down to Rocky Bar
early. Joe to M. Vill & John to the A
merican Ranch, so the old Moun
tain diggins is deserted at last.
I hope only for a short time.
Quite warm this p.m. for the first time.

Tu 6             Kts not so cold. Days getting
warm. Four of us at work
on the floom besides 3 other

May 56

men. P.M. Sherwin came
over from the vally & brot me
a letter from H.P. of date
April 26th.1 Clowded up & raind
a verry little. Sherwin helpd
us on the floom & says that
5 or 6 hands is enough on tomorrow.

We 7            I left the boys at work on
the floom. I went up to the point
maild a letter to H.P. cost 25 cts &
gave 25 cts for 4 boxes matches.
A. Moorehead gave me a pair
of pantaloons. Shults sent Liz
a dress patoon & Moorehead
loand me a mule to ride over to
the ranch. Arrivd in time to dine
with wife. P.M. I & John was
building plank fence.

Th 8             Bill went up to the mill after
lumber to finish making pl
ank fence. He got 511 lbs potatoes
of Havland, late before he returnd.

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  1. Not included in this collection.