May 4 – May 8 1858

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May 58

Tu 4             arrivd there at noon after hav
ing stepd the road from Ill Ranch
to my cabin, it being 6 miles less
300 yards, the boys we getting dinner
got gold som ten or 12$

We 5            I & Mc is alone we were out
in good time cleand up the
rest of Boxes & put another in
a head, & was cleaning up bed
rock the rest of the day. Got gold
some 2 oz I suppose mutch to
the pleasure of Mc, before noon
our Wm came to the cabbin &
got his kit or wardrobe & left
without letting us know, about
it, after supper I gave my
check shirt a cold water rinse
& hung out to dry

Th 6            Mc was mining all day I we
nt up Nelson Creek baught some
hose & Pipe gave $20 I sold what
Dust I had on hand amounted to

May 55

82$ I also got 40 yds canvas at
65cts per yd some beeswax needles
& a palm to sew with, I got to the
cabbin in p.m. I went out to help
Mc clean up we got some $20
in dust as near as I can guess

Fr 7              Mc went down to the point got
12 tts beef & bottle ground pepper,
re turned & went to mining. I was ma
king hose to day, Late I went out
& helpd Mc clean up 2 boxes &
got gold I gess about 8$ Jake
Jourden was to see if I would let
him work with us. I agreed to it

Sat 8           Early Jake was up with his
pick & shovel, so we concluded
to repair the chimney Mack &
Jake went at it & was sewing
on hose. p.m. Mack started for
the vally & still later John ca
me over on horse after me. I con
cluded to go over. & left Jake to
take cear of the cabbin &c

i arrivd at quincy at sundown

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