May 4 – May 8 1954

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May 1854

picks down to the point to have them
steeld at both points it only cost
4$ for the two picks, no mail for me.
I recvd a tin box of fresh butter
that HP sent up bos & all weigh
ing 16 lbs we tride some of it for
supper we found it to be very good
O. yes, O, yes, O. yes. While at the point
I saw a petticoat across the
creek the first one since I don’t
recollect. Yes Decm last.

Fr 5              Rather cool last kt & a cool bree
se a stiring to day. We were a gro
und sloosing & cutting some
small timb & brush all day.

Sat 6           Cool last kt. With isce on the
roots where we are at work & a
snowing all the fore noon but
it dose not lay & continued
in after noon with intervals
of sunshine, at bed time the ground
white with snow. We were cutting
down top dirt or ground sloosing.

Sun 7          The ground white with snow
but soon melted off & snowing

May 1854

moore or less all day. Dobson
came up I paid him 200$ & my
note in thirty days for 300$ moore
& I got from him a bill of sale of
all his right title. John & I got
some wood planted three short roes
of potatoes & then finished a letter to H
P & one to Dave. I shall read the
V chat of Romans & then turn in.

Mon 8         Cold Last kt with some snow
& a heavy frost this morning but a
beautifull sunny day. John went
to ground sloosing & I down to the
point to mail a letter to H.P, &
one to Dave, but I receivd a letter
from H.P. speaking of his bad health
all winter & of Daves singular de
parture H P says he had got him a sit
uation in the office of two of the best
Lawyers in Marysville. All satisfac
tory to Dave, so one kt in January
last, he leaves a note on the office a
freek of nature & Harwell to all who
om it may concern & is not hea
rd of since. I did not know till
this morning that he was gone1.

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  1. Although James was not aware of the fact, Dave had already arrived back in Georgetown, Kentucky, as discussed in Martha Haun’s letter of March 24 1854.