May 7 – May 10 1857

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May 57

340 bts Bald hay & helpd
tp put it on mules, snow
ing & sunshine at inter
vals. Lem cutting brush
with sythe, & Rains hall
ing poles to make a bridge
in the lane. p.m. I & Da
ve finished the plank fence
Bell pd me 25$ on hay I pd
J. Bafs 25$ Borrows cash
on Tuesday last ———

Fr 8              Cold snowy weather. we
Loaded Judkins wagon
with hay. Rains took
Miars wheat fan1 home
& brought back a Load of
slabs. I & Lem weighd out
a load of hay for wood
ward.p.m. halld it to him

May 57

& pd 32 1/2$ cash. we set out
some cabbage plants, quite
a snow storm, cold work
Sat 9           Lem & Rains made the
Bridge in the lane & Plan
ted some potatoes Rolld &
furrowed out others. I took
a walk up Spanish creek
& in the mountains to see
some diggins with H. Hun
tington. we then returned
& went to Cap Hursey’s Dig
gins & then to Bricketts
there we took tea and then home.

Su 10          Breckfast over the weat
her clowdy. I gave Lem
5$. it raind & snowd at inter
vals all day and a prospect to
continue all kt. with consider
able wind after kt. &c —

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  1. Also known as a winnowing fan; used to separate grain from chaff