May 8 – May 15 1854

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May 1854

H P askd me in his letter if I knew
where he was, so I answerd his
letter & maild it. I then bought
two claims for 35$ in our ditch
making 5 in all out of 8 & gave
50 cts for gund Arabic1 & 25 cts for the
letter to H. P. & then came home to
dinner & ground sloosd in the evening.

Tu 9             Cold Last kt with heavy frost
we set up our boxes & pitched
out a numbe of rocks in fore
noon & in the evening we washed
the sloos dirt that stops from
sloosing we got gold 5$ it
raind a little this evening.

We 10         Clowdy moore or less all day we
was hinderd most of the day by
miners coming to our diggins
we got gold 12 1/2$ did nor work half day.

Th 11          Cool & clowdy Last kt & raind
most of the day we got gold 7 1/2$.

Fr 12           Clowdy this morning but verry ple
asant day with all. Two miners
came to out cabin before we eat
breckfast & staid till after dinner
we then went out & got gold 17$.

May 1854

Sat 13         Raind Last kt & was at this morning
but cleard of by 10 AM, & was a pleas
ant day. We had two miners to see
us that bought two interest in the
water out of 8. They seem to bee good
miners & steady men they are well
pleasd with the appearance of things.
we got gold to day 16 1/2$.

Sun 14        Snowing considerable this mo
rning but towards noon it held up thou
gh it was clowdy & cool all day. I &
John went down to the point, We took
two picks had then sharpd cost 2 3/4$.
I pairs Roots 5$ & Fox or Klne 20$ for
their claims this is one of them I baught
last monday. We saw our knew par
ners they are to be up in the morning.

Mo 15         Pleasant morning. Our knew part
ners Hawkings & Shaw came up this
morning. We started Hawkins to
Marysville for provisions & tools clo
thing & pipe & hose & oour trunks & fidd
le. We three went to work after din
ner. I was sick with a chill had a se
vere back ache all evening & rested
bad all kt. We got fold 9$.

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  1. A gum made from the sap of the acacia tree. Used in waterproofing clothing and especially hats.