November 13 – November 16 1853

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Nov 1853

Sun 13        There was nine of us conclu
ded to visit slate mountain to
day. We set out about 10 o. clk &
after mutch hard climbing we
arrivd at the peak. It was up hill
all the way down Feather
River. We all went up on the
highest peaks of the rocks, it raind
against us while up there & on us
when going home & continued
all knight. The patering on
the boards was something new
& interrupted my sleep some what.

Mo 14         Raind all day occationally
mixed with snow. This I suppose
is the commencement of the rainy
season. Hoe I am to stand Cal
inizd for the next six months
I cant tell before hand.

I concluded to put lining in
my casinett pants I got from
S. R. Betts, so I set my self about
it. I had son scraps of cotton sp
read my pants out on the table
& lay the cotton on & cut a frunt
for one leg & then turnd cut
two others ny them, it took some
time to do the peacing, at all
events I finished them before I
went to bed whitch was late.

Tu 15          Raind moore or less all day.

We 16         Commensd snowing early in
the morning. It son stopd at 4
inches deep, three of us went up
the ditch hunting. By knight
the snow was quite gone, cut
wood & lay it in the corner to

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