November 13 – November 20 1856

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Nov 56

as Dave started for M
ville this afternoon

Fr 14           Rains took a load of
hay to betsy town for
Alford worth 42$. 60cts.

Sat 15        raind on yesterday
today Rains got lost & left
the oxen & wagon in the
woods betwee spanish ran
ch & mountain house
on Sat Kt —

Su 16          raind today some
the K. M. have elected
4 county candidates the
state will give a large ma
jority for Buck & Buck1

Mo 17         still raining Rains
gone to the Mountain
house with potatoes
turnips & cabbages 1538 tbs.

Nov 56

I & Moore this p.m. assorti
ng potatoes, cleard off p.m.

Tu 18          Rains got home at dark
I & Moore assorting
potatoes, Rains some dr
unk, rather talkative
I sent 4 sacks potatoes
to Frank fox at Nelson pt.

We 19         finishd assorting pota
it was today that Rains
got home drunk from
mountain house &c

Th 20          I sent Rains up to
massack with 1030 tbs
vegetables.. Moore dug the
last potatoes.. I went over
to soda Bar with Lovejoy
commensd snowing in
earnest. I collected 12 1/2$
for halling & 24$ pre of

Lovejoy 36 1/2$ in all

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  1. Refers to James Buchanan, popularly nicknamed “Old Buck,” and his running mate John Breckinridge. The two won white house in 1857.