November 14 – November 17 1855

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Nov 55

We 14         the clowds is passing from N.
E to S.W. denoting fair weather –
about noon we went out to mi
ning. the sun shone, but it was
not warm, we did not clean
up the boxes as we supposd there
was no gold worth the trouble

Th 15          cold frosty morning breckfast
over i & Jack went down to the point
while ther, the counstable Ritchey
from the am. Vally came with a
warrant for me to appear forth
with before squire Starkes1 for
committing an assalt & batery to
be tride at Betsy Town. so I todl
the officer that i could not go over
until tomorrow, he went home with
me & staid all kt, Bill & John was
getting wood all day

Fr 16            after early Breckfast us four
& the officer started for Betsey
town. the day was a little hazey
but the sun shone out warm

Nov 55

Fr 16           we stopd at quincy i coun
seld a Lawyer Haydon he went
over to make the best out of the
case. we askd the court for a ch
ange of venue not granted a
jury of 12 men was ahd. Lloyd &
four other witnesses stated that i
had struck him over the head wi
th a cane i usually carried, the ju
ry found me guilty of the charge
court adjournd to set on tomor
row at ten. A.M. I was left in
the hands of the counstable

Sat 17         I went to bed quite late last
kt, as sleep was gone. I lay cold &
sleepless for a long time, but was a
wake at cock crowing again & got
up a little after day light. we breck
fasted. I walkd out with I.B. Ta
ylor to see his diggins & reutnd
the court was soon in session
find me 150$ all told. Kaylor
Loand me 50$ I paid the fine & pd
our tavern bill for all four 10$
& started for home. we got across

in the same room where I once & the only time in cala bound in
submission to God in a congregation & preaching by a methodist
i was find 150$ as a postol — or disturbers of the peace eat &c

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  1. Lewis Stark, nicknamed Squire Stark was among the first settlers to travel through Beckwourth pass and the founder of Elizabethtown. The community was named after one of his daughters. In 1853 Stark was elected justice of the peace, and reelected in 54, 56, 57 and 58.(Fariss and Smith, pg. 286.)