November 14 – November 21 1857

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Nov 57

Sat 14         another cold frosty kt the
ground is froxe so hard that we
compelld to use picks to dig po
tatoes. I & Dick is all that is at it
I gave carter 10$ this morning
he is not at work for us to day
John came home this evening
I collected 7 1/2$ of sqr Jones

Su 15          cold last kt, the branch is cov
erd with ice & has been for sev
eral kt that run through
the yard. Ive shavd & shirtd
that is pulld off one check & put
on another one of the same sort.
I put the day in as sundays
is allways put in attending to
business of all kinds that is w
anting & no though of rest.

Mo 16         I John & Dick were pre
paring a load of vegetables for
the Mountain house

Tu 17          John Hitchd up both yoke
of oxen with hay & cabbages

Nov 57

for the mountain house
I & Dick are getting in the potatoes

We 18         I & Dick digging potatoes
we have put away the beets
Jack stinsin is here to board
John came home all right by noon
after he helpd us finish

Th 19          we pulld up the femaining
cabbagages & placd them in a ditch
& coverd with straw for the present

Fr 20           we cut all the limbs that lay
back of the house & halld to
the wood house & Dick is putting
it a way. I & John assorted some
potatoes that outsid root house

Sat 21        I & John made a straw
rack back of the barn out of
rails. John & Dave cut down
one of the ded pitch pines that
stood near the house & pild
up the limbs & stinsin left
for martins again

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