November 16 – November 20 1853

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November 1853

have it
handy as I get up from 1 to 3
times in the knight. I keep a good
fire all knight. John dose the cooking,
have not dug any since Friday last.

Th 17          Beautiful day 7 hands went to
work got gold today $14 1/2. My
Virgina friend is gne this ev
ening over to the American Vally
to take up claims for us three,
if he gets a good prospect.
John has just washed out 1/2 doz
flour sack to line his pants with
& now lying in bed reading some novel.

Fr 18           Clowdy all day. Got gold 22$
I made a new pattern riffle box
to katch gold, 2 hands set up one
set of boxes near our cabins.

Sat 19         Raining some this morning
did not work today. Mr. small

Nov 1853

my Virginia friend came back from
American Vally today while we
were at dinner, to get some tools.
He is well plesd & sayd 2 men
has taken out 7,000$ in six weeks.
John & I expect to go over with him
in the morning John is washing
shirts at this time for us. After night
he bakd 3 loves of bread & I cut & packd
a good lot ogf oak wood & set it up
against the house by the door.

Th Su 20    Up before day & breckfast over
by sunrise & smaw on hand
we set out for the American Val
ly arrivd about ten o. clk a.m.
We then went 2 miles farther up
the vally to sister Betsy Greltch.1.
We lookd about last night of plow

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  1. Elizabethtown. Consult map for precise location.