November 16 – November 20 1854

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Nov 1854

I then dreamd of kissing another
16 woman that i had met in my trav
els I for got who she was &c —
four of us got gold 60$ Lloyd &
Lawrence is stiping beautifull weather

Fr 17            four of us got gold 99 1/2$ Lloyd
& Lawrence were stripping &c

Sat 18         I shaw & Lloyd started for
the american vally early this
morning for the purpose of tas
an appeal in the suit with Vaughn
& shaw & Lloyd as securities we
took 5 picks along & had them
sharpd cost 2 3/4$. I paid my la
wyer 25$ moore. Lawrence & the
englishman workd to gether
did not make mutch. John
was at work by himself &
took out 97 1/2$ one piece that
weighd 55$ it clowded up this
morning. But the sun shone at
inter vals all day, commensd

Nov 54

raining about sun set, though
but light. I & John are sitting
in the cabin taking our ease. he
is trying to play a new tune
on his fiddle & ive wrote this down

Su 19          clear & warm. I went down
to the point early & got a letter for
John from John Stevens date of oct
2nd1 giving an account of Thom
as Ridsdale going crazy & Death
allso, the starving condition of
the poor in the county & cheap
ness of young hogs &c for letter
1$ we devided our dust for the last
two weeks & we got 211$ to our part
John washd 4 shirts & 1 pair Dr
owers. my lesson Revela chp 15

Mo 20         the weather is delightfull four
of us was working to gether weve
hired John Bull at 2$ per daw, we
got gold 58 1/2$. Lloyd & LAwrence
is not making match as yet &c

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  1. Not included in this collection.