November 21 – November 27 1853

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Nov 1853

Mo 21         at our cabin after sun set &
that two after a fast walk of 14 miles.
John complains of being very sore
tried & is lying doen. Paid
tavern bill each to Bradly 2$=$4.00
the company got today 29 1/2 Dolls.

Tu 22           Got today 7$ we changd both side
of our sloos boxes —

We 23         Got today 14$ coll nights & warm days.

Th 24             ”        ”      12 1/2$ Dobson & I went a
prospecting we gor as mutch as from
10cts to 50cts to the pan of dirt. I
dreamd that you had come out
to this country but you hardly kn
ew, me, ah. This harry face of mine that is it.

Fr. 25          Before day light, well the wind
did blow. I went out & look up
to see these large tall pines, the tops
were bending about so I ran in the cabin

Nov. 1853

again. If one could have seen me
a dodgeing & scringing when ded
limb would fall on the cabin roof
he or she might have laughft if they
could, so I thought if the lord was
on my sid I was safe & down I lay.
It raind all day today & night following.

Sat 26         Snow & rain mixd in the four
part & the after part of the day all snow.
Clear all night commencd snowing

Sun 27        at day light again, ah. I took 2
flour sacks & cut a lining for John evry
day pants & fixed them in. He was all of saturday
sewing the lining to the pants.
After breckfast John went down
to the point paid Thompson $107.45
& paid Lewis & Roots 10 1/2$ & then
got a letter from wife of date Sept 26,
1853.1 This is the second one since I got any

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  1. Not included in this collection.