November 21 – November 29 1856

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Nov 56

Fr 21           Still snowing at inter
vals Dont work any
Rains got home after Kt
with the oxen.. broke the
hind axle left all the
sockum cabin & C—–

Sat 22        still stormy, snow
is 8 inches deep in vally

Su 23          storming at intervals
in clind to be warm

Mo 24         Snowing, Bill gone after the
wagon & halld the veg
tables over to massack got
hame after dark, moore we
nt over to Nelson creek after
gunny bags got back

Tu 25          Murry made me an ox
yoke on yesterday, we had
the shoes pulld off Braud
& put on the white ox I &

Nov 56

Moore was sacking veg
tables all day Rains got tim
ber to make a new axle
Murry at work at it—-

We 26         Rains gone up to Mo
untain house with 1215 tbs
vegetables on butts wagon
nothing else doing—-

Th 27          clowdy & unpleasant
Rains got home this
evening & brought me 5$
is all he sold for cash
I put soles on my boots
I gave 25cts for paper tax

Fr 28           Rains took Beetts wagon
home he claims
1$ a day for the use of it
3 days in all. Bill halld up
2 logs in the yard for wood

Sat 29         Rains got Rays wagon
to hall some lumber to
soda Bar it snowd last

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