November 22 – November 29 1857

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Nov 57

Su 22          the wheather is clear & cold
of kts. & warm days. John rode
over to Rocky Bar to see if
the copy wanted eatables but
they are supplied. he returnd

Mo 23         I & John filling the rack
with straw till noon after
Duesler had the team. I &
John let bates have 380 tts
cabbage at 15$ on carters act.
I coverd some cabbages John &
Dave sawd the log in two 4
times that they cut down

Tu 24           I & John put straw in
the rack after he halld up
the logs he cut in two

We 25         raind some to day we
went down the creek &
cut a way some drifts
got some wet Dick helpd

Th 26           I was fixing the hen
house stoping the cracks

Nov 57

John & Dave sawing up the
logs for wood, still raining
in the valley & snowing on
the mountain tops.

Fr 27            I sharpd both hand saws
& set them. I then made a
door for the wheat house
John & Dave sawd & splitd wood.

Sat 28         still snowing & raining
I cut & piled some wood in
front Back porch. I then fix
the bridges to go in the barn
late we sawd up the last
logs & split then after fil
ing & setting the saw. Jack
Stinson left this eve, been here
since Wens eve last

Su 29          clowdy & warm wife
got a letter from Rains of
date No. 8th from petaloma
he is with his family & frie
nds well pleasd once moore

cant HP got cant kt

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