November 29 – December 2 1856

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Nov 56

Kt about 9 inches deep in
the vally. he did not go
I pd Rob Elliot 61$ inter
est money was on a note of 500$
& collected 8$ of Todd R., & Grubs

Su 30          snowd last kt again, I
had a little settlement with Mo
ore, his board was was 11$ I had
pd hime 12 1/2$ & cash 5 1/2 in all
29$ out of 48$ balance. 19$
still later I assumd 12$ to
pay. Williams, about noon
found me on my way to
Nelson. I met a Mr. Butts
2 miles from N. wanted to
get out but was afraid to
venture.. he concluded to
try it with me, w e went to
my old cabin & got 2 pair
of snow shoes arrivd in good
time. I saw John & the rest
of our company. we all went

down to rocky Bar

Dec 56

Mo 1            verry cold last kt Breckfast
over by daylight. I & John
went up to the point, I wrote
a letter to wife & Borrow 50$
of F. Fox Then started for M
ville in company with Butts
Brooks King John & I Before
we got near the top of the hill we
all put on snow shoes & hard
travling at that. The snow
being from 3 to 4 ft deep & loo
se we got to onion a little
before 12.. took dinner cost us
2$ & started at 1 for Gibsonville
at 1/2 past 3 quite fatigued

Tu 2             cold last kt. Breckfastd &
lodging for I & john 3$ as
we did not want supper off
we started for Rabbit creek
before sunrise in compa
ny with 8 others arrivd at lo

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