November 29 – December 4 1855

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Nov 55

Th 29        We were still sacking wheat
Joe Ficklin came home from
town & said that the steamer
Golden Age1 had arivd at san
Francisco. News by telegraph.

Fr 30           The teams halld two loads each
to town to day. H.P. & wife & chil
dren came home early from town
as they had gone in on the day be
fore & braught a paper out that
had the names of a Mr & Mrs
Haun & child. So I & Jack af
ter supper got in the carriage
& went to town. It was verry
dark. We had got to the stable
& Jack was getting a lantern. The
Boat whistled down at Feather
river Bridge. Down we went &
just as I got near the ladies
cabin who should I see but
wife coming out following
Dave & Lizzy. We kissd each
other & went out to the carriage

all 5 & started for H.P. Arrivd
safe in good time.

Dec 55

Sat 1           Cool morning. We fixd up
the last load of wheat that
filld the engagement of 1,000 bu.
We then took a rabbit hunt
& caught two. H.P. went to
town & sent to san Francisco
after their trunks that had been
freighted across the isthmus.

Su 2             Cool morning. I. Dave & Henry
had several Chases with dogs
& hairs early Bow & Rose came
& spent the day. Kath had a good
dinner. Alls well.

Mo 3            I & Derick started for bob
Bourne 24 miles. Arrivd at 2 P.
M. staid all kt.

Tu 4             Clowdy has raind a verry lit
tle. Bub paid me 100$ all he
could do. We started home again
wen t by Tucker flat saw the
Miss Daugherty, & got home af
ter sun set. H.P. has been sick
the last two days.

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  1. The December 3 Sacramento Daily Union reported that the Golden Age left New York 24 days before carrying one hundred firkins of fresh butter for sale in Washington.