November 30 – December 2 1854

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Nov 54

Th 30          breckfast 1$ took dinner
Ny ranch 1$ & left my English
man there, this after noon
I saw the pine tree that I
John & my Virginia friend
slepd under the kt 19th June
1853 I put up at the stanfield
Ranch a distance of 35 to 40
miles to day supper 75 cts —


Fr 1              Breckfast & lodging 1$ be
fore sun rise I was on the road
for Marysville a distance of 19
miles whitch whitch I made
before noon. 1 1/2$ for whisky
I had a mule ride 6 miles I then
went to Row & Haun’s office &
I had a consultation about my
suit in whitch they both say
there would be no difficulty
in gaining it for me in time

Dec 54

supreme court only I hather
to send back the papers &
have them maid out a new
on paper of a certain kind
before they would be admited
in that court. I paid 1 1/2$ for
paper & 1$ for the express to take
it back, then went to the sta
ble to Derick he did not know me
for some time, I went
home with H.P. cath is not
well quite fuble & little cath1 is
got the chills & the nurse. H.P.
is not in good health. Derick
is well clowdy the last two

Sat 2           H.P. & I went to town staid
all day I gave 25cts for gra
ls to eat & got acquainted
with Bod Bowen that Dave
calld little bub &c in iou

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  1. H.P.’s wife and cousin, Catherine Margaret Haun. The couple married on October 27 1848.