November 6 – November 13 1856

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Nov 56

Th 6             we are sawing up logs
of wood Rains gone
with the last load of planks

Fr 7              we are sawing for
wood & grubbing, Dave &
John came over on
5th John went back on
the 6th Dave has quit
mining has a man to work

Sat 8           cold & Frosty Last?Kt
we put up two log heaps
& splitting up wood.

Su 9            verry frosty & cold last
Kt. I & Dave went up to
Hungarian Diggins to see
if I can get water on my
Ranch but rather hard
to do late getting back
Mo 10         verrry cold last Kt

Nov 56

We are splitting wood &c
am making shingles to
cover a porch a long sid
the ell.1 Dave is putting it
up I sold the speck ox
to Sterling for 85$ & sold
4 oxen to J.J. Harvey for
416$ payable 15th march

Tu 11           verry cold Kts. I am
making shingles, Moore
is buiring cabbages, Dave
is putting on the roof to the

We 12         cold Kts. we finishd
the porch this evening

Th 12          I gave Dave the 85$
I got for the speck ox to
give it to H.P. as it is his
& 14$ I owd him borrowd
money & 11$ moore to pay

Lovejoy porchment

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  1. Refers to the wing of a building lying perpendicular to the main structure. Very common in farmhouse construction, in which the ell might connect the main house to an out building or barn.