November 8 – November 11 1854

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Nov 1854

We 8            up before day as usual did some
mending on my pants. calld
john got Breckfast & to mining
warm pleasant day. John & I we
nt to piping we got gold 28 1/2$
Lloyd & Lawrence had been at wo
rk since monday in the foot of
the ravine & have not got but [illegible]
gold. shaw started below on
monday about noon on business
I put on the foot of my socks a
piece of blanket to make them
stand the winter use &c

Th 9             I & John had to reset our box
es & fixd up the riffles, it was
near noon by the time we got rea
dy for washing, after noon we
let on the water. I was washing
away tailing, we got gold 23$
Lloyd & Lawrence done better, the
gold is not weighd yet

Fr 10            Last kt i Dearmd that i
pickd up a quantity of gold

Nov 54

several large pieces until I
had filld my pocketts & some
in my vest pockett &c the wea
ther is delightfull Ive not expe
rinsd a solitary gale of wind say
nothing of a storm since ive
been in cala. it is calm & still
John & I got gold 37$ Lloyds & Law
rence is not weighd cool kts & warm
days a man wanted to sell turnips
at 8$ per hudnred— cant afford it

Sat 11         I & John cleand up the boxes
and got gold 9$ we then fixd for
sloosing off the top dirt & tailings
after noon the Dept sheriff. Neal
came & levid on my Diggins &
tools &c but he left with out taking
any of the things away by my say
ing that shaw would take charge
of my shear of the money that
would be taken out, for a few days
one of our boxes got injurd by a
fork breaking down, from the weight
of rock & gravil stoping in them

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