October 10 – October 13 1854

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Oct 54

Tu 10           on arriving at home John
had got a letter from his ma
of date august 21rst giving an
account of Sam Shepard &
young Ross getting married &
the Election of M price. G. Topp
& Bill Bradford &c. a one for
me from my wife of date
august 29th 541 giving an accou
nt of T B Whites failure &
the great drouth in KY & high
price of provisions &c &c…


We 11         I & john went out to work
we set the boxes & shoveld in
dirt till noon. I started to the
point to see about buying grub
for winter. I met Lloyd at his
cabin door trying to open it,
he was too drunk, his nose &
eyes bruisd to black. from fa
lling down having been
drunk all week. P.M. John
got gold 4$I got the price
of provisions of all the trades

Oct 1854

and came home. Lloyd was in
his bunk all evening. I told him
we could not work to gether in
this way. I would not work
with a drunken man &c

Fr 12           up before day & read some
in N.y. tribune of sept 5 54
giving an account of the drouth
in northern states & fires in
the woods & great distruction of
property &c & examind your letter
over again to see if you had
got them all &c. the ones I wrote
I & the Johns went to work we
got gold 32 1/2$. it being clowdy
all day & at dark commensd
raining only moderate &c
it continued all kt with some sn

Fr 13            ow this morning continued
clowdy all day with light
showers occationally we got
gold 18$. I went down to the poi
nt this morning, The folks were
making Great preperation for

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  1. Martha Haun’s letter of August 29 1854 has been preserved and is available here.