October 10 – October 14 1855

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Oct 55

We 10       cabin they were seated & wai
ted on them. They did not tarry
long after dinner. They being the
first ladies that has ever visited my
diggins. I thankd them verry kin
dly & in vited them to call again
soon, we cleand up & got 6 1/2$ &
went down to the point. I pd Lewis
24$ for 300 tts potatoes he brought
us to day, Root made a party we
left them dancing, Bill came home
with us to kt from the point

Th 11          the weather is Dry pleasant &
warm I could wish it other wise
for we can do but little work on
account of the scearcity of water
we took part to day 12 1/2$ a ball
given by I Toot lat kt at the point

Fr 12           we attempt to work every day
but to verry little good we were
all at it till noon after I & Jack we
nt down to the point staid till
kt, Bill & John went up the ditch
& came back & to work, didn’t clean up

Oct 55

Sat 13         clowdy all day, but pleasant
& was so on yesturday. I think it is
fixing for rain, we were at work
the most of the day to the best advan
tage the water would allow owing to
its scearcity, we cleand up & got 17$

Su 14          I dreamd Last kt of being at
capt Hursts resience when living
I thought wife & her sister Jane &
some little boys & girls were going
with us three over to Jas Nutters,
all walking, when arrivd I thou
ght he had torn his house to peices
but the roof was up, yet he said he
was agoing to build a finer one,
I was up at Day light, put on a
clean hickry shirt of my own wa
shing & read the 9th chapt of Luke
breckfast over all four went to
hunt some good looking diggins
returnd at noon took dinner I John
& bill went down to the point. Jack
staid at the cabins. I got a letter
rom Martha Lloyd of date August
18th 551 desiring to know if Mr

Letter from Martha Lloyd

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