October 13 – October 19 1856

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Oct 56

down in two hours I
was halling the limbs
to the house for wood.

Tu 14          cut & halld the rest
of the tree to a large
Log to help burn it up.

We 15         I went over to Rocky
Bar found them all at
work. I took dinner after the
boys had dind. I continued
there there the rest of the day.

Th 16          I slepd with John & a
hard sleep it was. John &
Rains went with me up to the
Burnt cabins we pi
ckd up some of the burnt
tools & put them in the ca
bin that was not burnt, we
then went down to the po
int again. I bought a pa
ir of pants 2 1/2$ and boots 6 1/2$

Oct 56

each pair being the 4
th that I had bought
since in California
& 1$ for horse at point
then went home & cut
off some 4 logs.

Fr 17           raind some today
I did nothing on account

Sat 18         I was setting up my
plank fence that was
blown down on last
Wednesday allso Barnetts
that divides our land—

Su 19          John & Rains came
over last evening I
& John finishd the fen
ce the mountains are again
coverd with snow——

Mo 20         I dug a sack of pota
toes 115 tbs for Willmans

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