October 16 – October 21 1857

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Oct 57

Fr 16            mortgage with C. Lin
dly to collect. I bought
cylinder & tube. 1$ pd 3/4$
for whiskey. I staid in town
went to see the negro ministri
als. then pd 1$ for bed at wes
tern house room 16 did not sleep
mutch on account musketoes.

Sat 17         breckfast 3/4$ I pd whis
key & caps 1/2$. put in my time at
at nothing. late went out
with Derrick to Henrys —

Su 18          we all were Lying around
most of the day, late p.m.
I went on the slew & got
some wild grapes.

Mo 19         I caught my horse &
went to town with Henry
& Derick. I made out a bill
of groceries for Galloway
Hite. & to fill beer 1 bit1 sup
per 1/2$ I then rode out to
Jacks to stay al Kt.

Oct 57

Tu 20           after early breckfast
at Brother Jacks. I started
for home. I took dinner at
sawmill cottage & fed horse
cost 1$ then made Columbus
house put up for the kt.

We 21         after Breckfast pd my bi
ll 4$ &stopd at Gibsonville
took Dinner & fed horse but
he refused to eat cost 1 1/2$ then
to onion vally stopd about 1
hour took 2 drinks whiskey
then to Nelson creek staid
till after sunser then in
compy with Snyder we
put for the Am vally, my
horse had got quite stiff
I got in the vally & had to
walk & drive him I arrivd
about 11 in the kt took some
oysters & went to Bed all well.

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  1. 13 cents.