October 18 – October 22 1855

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October 55

Th 18        before they left Lewis came &
before he left Jack came from
the illinois ranch. after dinner
I & Jack went down to the point
no letters, Bill & john got gold 1/2$

Fr 19            we went out ot the diggins
rather Leisurely & did some little
work we cleand up at noon for
the purpose of changing or boxes
again & got godl 3$ Frank Fox
came up to the diggins & took din
ner with us P.M. we set our pen
stock father up the hill & ready
to get to work in the morning

Sat 20         again at work but the water
is verry scearce P.M. we tride it
again but for a short time we cle
and & got gold 16 1/2$

Su 21          we are in the habit of taking
what is calld Leisure, as we have
nothing to see to in the shape
of stock, I took a warm bath
last kt. I read the 17th chapt of
st Luke, then mended my socks
& then mended Johns socks

Oct 55

we all staid about the cabins
James shults came up, I fin
ishd my 23rd letter to my wife
after dinner we all five went
down to the point, and maild the
letter, Judge WArd, was anxious
to borrow 1000$ of me, moneys out
I pd the smith 1 1/2$ for sharpning
two picks for company —

Mo 22         after early Breckfast I & Jack
went over the river to Brays diggin
I waited some time for him to return
home, I askd him to loan me 500$
he said he loand it all out the sat
before, so I had to go back home &
dig it out, I took dust enoughf to
make 910$ at 17 1/2$ per oz & sold it
to John Thompson, he let me have
1090$ that i had on interest with
him to secure him as security in
the suit with old Lloyd. I took din
ner with Fox no charge. I Dues
ler started for the Am Vally, he
riding & I walking with 2000$

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