October 20 – October 28 1856

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Oct 56

at 8$ per cwt Rains is
halling 8000 ft of lumber
from Judkins to soda bar
for Love Joy & others for
a floom. I bought a pair
of gloves cost 2 1/4$ to
dig potatoes & save my fingers

Tu 21          cold & freezing of Kts
I am digging Potatoes. I
hired a man, name Moore
at 50$ per month, came
this P.M. rather heavy
on an old back to dig pota

We 22         Rains did not get ho
me last Kt, cold last kt
ground froze so hard that
we had to use a pick to
get through crust

Th 23          still colder las Kt
we are diggin potatoes
as usual

Oct 56

Fr 24          I’ve no canges to make

Sat 25        still digging potatoes

Su 26          I cleand up a little
late p.m. Dave & Ky
ler came over from Ro
cky Bar Did but little
this week taking out gold
as the Bank cavd in on
Thurday last & stopd them
from cleaning up.

Mo 27         I was engages all day
doing nothing but I set
tled with the wards & col
lected 50$ dolls for H.P.
& settled 18$ for Rains
& they still owe me 19$

Tu 28          I & moore at the pot
atoes again the weather
is warm & pleasant
the Kts a Little cool.

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