October 25 – October 29 1855

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Oct 55

Th 25        ted on foot for home 7 Duesler
waited for the pack train & over
took us on a mule, we arrivd in
time for dinner, John had got
a letter from Dave & Wife on
the same sheat of date sept 4th 551
giving an account of there prepar
ation to start for cala & saying
they would be here by the last of
oct 55 P.M. I sharpd a cross cut
saw that done Bill & John went to
sawing wood. I & Jack went down
to the point. I made an arrangement
with Thompson to get the 26$ all
right, the boys has not made no gold
this week. tis midknight & none
of us gone to bed, o the thought
of once moore seeing wife soon
has drove sleep from my eyes

Fr 26            we were on aquandry to
know what was best to do but
I prevaild Bill & John to work
the diggins as long as the water
would last so the brought in 59 1/2

Oct 55

Fr 26            one piece weighing 3 oz 9$.I &
Jack to riping the old hose & Pu
lling out the threads. P.M. I con
tinued to work on the hose & the rest
went up to the reservoy flat to pro
spect, while the weather is dry

Sat 27        I & Jack was at owrk at
the hose. John & Bill was out at
the diggins, Joe Greeny stopd
& took dinner I told him that
Thompson would pay him & Bra
dley the 269$ that I owd them
P.M. I was still sewing on the
hose, the rest were prospecting

Su 28          Last kt the Rats knowd a hole
through the floor & annoyd me
a little. I was up early, Read the 4th
chapt of John & straitend the pla
nk of the floor & put in a strip, Breck
fast over, we moovd out the pre
vision & tore down the Bunks, &
cleand out the trash for the pu
rpose of extending the floor, we
scutchd down some of the logs to
put on wash boards, we eat roast

potatoes for dinner

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  1. This letter has been preserved and is available here.