October 27 – October 30 1854

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Oct 54

Fr 27           an Indian told shaw that it
rain 5 days, he told shaw it
would snow 4 ft deep next

Sat 28        a beautifull Day after a
cold frosty morning i was
making sloos boxes for Lawrence
the 4 was sloosing down with the
pipe & hose. the hoses busted twice
to day. They got gold 18$ —
John did some baking to kt
& I washd 2 hickry shirts 1
pair socks & towill & then
washd my self & wrote this
I dreamd last kt that I was in
company with Elizur Jenkins
& my wife I talkd with some

Sun 29       as usual I was in my
bunk awake some time befoer
day light thinking over things
among the rest I had dreamd of
alvin duvall & wife I thought
they were living about wifes house
& I had just got there. I thought
wife had not mutch to say to me

Oct 54

Sun 29       after breckfast i had many lit
tle turns to do, one was to cut down
a good size spruce tree that stood
near the south corner of my cab
in & lent over it shaw held me
it fell in one foot of the west corner
P.M. I & Lawrence took 3 picks down
to the point. I paid 2 3/4$ for the compy
to have them fixed, I gave 3$ for 2tt
quicksilver1 for the compy for twine
50cts tin buckett 1$ comfy. I then
gave 1$ a letter for John from
wife of date sept 3rd 542 giving an
account of Thomason trial for kill
ing his Brother & along yarn about
coming to cala & what tom Johnson
says you ought not to do &c
my lesson 9th chapt hebrews
I gave John 1 of the three linen
towels I had left, had not been used
since wife gave them to me &c

Mo 30         cool & clear Last kt & to day the
wind from the north. I was fixing
riffles & falls bottons. The Johns got
gold 10$ shaw & lawrence starting a new

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  1. Mercury. Used to recover fine gold through a process of chemical bonding. The mercury could later be separated from the gold by heating.
  2. Not included in this collection.