October 29 – November 3 1855

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Oct 55

Mo 29       John & Bill was mining befo
re noon & after aprospecting, I to
sewing the hose all day & Jack to
putting new Bunks, I continued
sewing till mid kt —

Tu 30          John & Bill was prospecting all the
day sunk one hole to the bed rock
no good. I sewing all day except
I & Jack went down to the point to
see what grub could be had at
the price is verry high. I sewd till
mid kt, Jack put up two moore
Bunks to day, Thompson paid
off Bradley & greeny on saturday
last 269$ for me according to prove it

We 31         quite a frost last kt the ice was
froze in the tubs out side the
cabin, clear no prospect of rain
clowdy some on yesturday, I fi
nishd the second seam & commen
sd the third, sewing the hose the
boys wer sawing off logs to ma
ke wood, Bill split up several
logs this evening

Nov 55

Th 1             the kts are quite cool, ive
cntinued severing on the hose of kts
till a late hour all this week
John & Jack were sawing up
logs for wood, bill went do
wn to the point last kt in a
hurry after a few things & hasnt
returnd yet, Drunk we suppose
i am still sewing

Fr 2              quite cool & winday the clwods
a little North of East, directly op
posite the way for rain, John &
Jack did some sawing for wood
I am working at the hose,
Bill came home drunk soon this
morning staid a while & went
back again to the point

Sat 3           still cold ice sycles froze
about the spring 1 foot in length
last kt, i am at work on the
hose, John & Jack went up to
the bare traps & got timber for 2
malls. I made them they sp
lit some logs late in the evening

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