October 29 – November 5 1856

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Oct 56

We 29         our cook left us one
day last week so wife &
Liz has to do ther own work.
Dave is getting tickets pri
nted to raffle off his claim
at Rocky Bar at 3000$ tie
ketts 10$ each to come off
on 22 ond of Nov by Thop
son, the highest throw gets
wife slapd Liz for her
bad conduct to her.

Th 30          I am still diggin
Sherwin was here last
Kt & pd off Lovejoy for pri
nting the Plumas Democrate1
I pd 24$ for subscription

Fr 31           nothing new with us
we are still digging

Nov 56

Sat 1           we are still at Digging

Su 2             no alteration but not
actually at work

Mo 3            Rains helpd us to day
to dig potatoes as he cannot
get the waggon
mended in time to make
a load to soda bar

Tu 4             at last we have fini
shd our potatoes early
all three of us went to
the court house & voted
the Democratic ticket
we knocked off the rest
of the day

We 5           raind considerable
to day Rains went to ha
ll a load of plank got
back to Kt at 9 P.M.
news favorable to Demo

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  1. John K. Lovejoy was co-editor and publisher of the Old Mountaineer newspaper, founded in Quincy in 1855. The Plumas Democrat and Fillmore Banner were political papers published from the Mountaineer’s offices leading up to the 1856 election.(Matuszak, pg 139)