October 29 – November 7 1857

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Oct 57

I was digging potatoes & a
sorting. John & Dick as not
got home yet 9 o clk at kt.

Fr 30            I pulld up some cabbage
this fore noon. John & Dick
got home this a.m. all right
John gave me 55$ & pd all ex
pemses. I then gave Harber
son 50$ for Dan Kate on
act. we all pulld up cabbage.

Sat 31         John halld some wood
the cabbages & Dick to help
him. I & Carter making kraught


Su 1             we are all making our way
down to perdition as there is
no kind influences among us

Mo 2            dup some potatoes & finishd
the third bbl of Kraught. has
some appearance of rain

Nov 57

Tu 3             pulled up some cabbages
on yesterday & halld up. we
were buirring cabbages, John
went over to Nelson point to
get money to pay off his help
at rocky bar 158$ got the
money of J.W. Thompson

We 4            raind all day yesterday & last
kt & to day nothing doing

Th 5             stull raining I & Dick loa
ded on some hay. Dick drove
the team up to betsy town to
Dr. Cate & deliverd the hay
John came home this a.m.
I was gumming & sharpning
the cross cut saw. halld ver
ry hard this pm.

Fr 6              I & Dick, John & Dave were
sawing & splitting wood.

Sat 7           I & Dick put up the fence
that blew down on thursday
evening last between our

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