October 31 – November 4 1854

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Tu 31          the weather is cool & clear last
kt all in there bunks but me
I sat up late patching my pants
my left knee had wore out the
lining I patchd in side. I then
put on a cotton patch on my top
of a blue linsey patch on my
right thigh & sewd up many other
little holes. I then turnd in &
took a short knapp & dreamd I
was in Geo Town in front of Prats
bar room & little Press west told me
that wife & his ma had gone
out to Hutch crafts funeral i
thought that wife kenw I was in
town I woke up in the act of
leaving George town with out su
ing her, did not like the treatment
the Johns got gold 15 1/2$ shaw &
Lawrence got 1 1/2$ I was tin kering
as usual. I put a cotton patch
on the sea of my pants to kt
all have gone to ther bunks some
time ago. I suppose I had as well
close this sheet & turn in too

We 1           cool & clear I & the Johns
got gold 35 1/2$ shaw & Lawrence
got in the last 3 days 5$ they
are agoing to moove their boxes in
the morning to a new place

Th 2             I & the Johns got gold 77 1/2$
shaw & Lawrence is at work in
the foot of the same ravine that
we are. They are running a cut in
to strike the bed rock, the weath
er is clear & not so cool as it was
and verry pleasant in deed & calm

Fr 3              Delightfull weather. I & the Johns
got gold 199 1/2$ one piece with
a hole in it that weighs 5 3/4 oz
& 1/2$. That will do good enoughf
shaw & Lawrence is still working
at the foot of the ravine. They will
put in boxes tomorrow to see if there
is gold to be had &c —

Sat 4           warm & clear verry pleas
nt, I & john were sloosing off

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