October 7 – October 10 1855

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Oct 55

Su 7          Breckfast over we fixd up our gun
& took a round int he woods up by the dig
gins to renew a notice. I illd two grey
squirls & Jack two ground squirles we
expect to Breckfast quite hearty off those
little animals in the morning after
dinner all went down to the point & then
on the columbia flat to hew Jack the dig
gins. The sun had set when we arrivd
at home, My lesson first chapt st. Luke
Ive patchd my gum coat, the boys have
all turnd in their buncks & a sleep —

Mo 8            all four went to the work this fore
noon. P.M. I & Jack started over
Feather River to see H. Bray but not
him before we got down to the river
we talkd a while about buying
1/4 of them he wanted 1500$, Jack
thinks it wont suit at them licks
we killd 4 squirls I.C. Lewis brau
ght us a few verry fine potatoes
Bill & John was at work in the dig
gins did not clean up, clowdy
all day looks verry mutch like
rain, but cleard up in the kt

Oct 55

Tu 9             clear & pleasant all day. Bill
started early for the American
Vally rs three went to work. The
hose ripd soon after the water was
let on I tide them up till noon
P.M. I sewd them & then to pipe
ing down & continued till late
the water giving out we did not
clean up, Bill has not returnd –
I let him have 1 1/2 oz gold dust
amtted to 26 1/4$ my back has been
so lame that I appide a pitch plaster

We 10         we three was at work as usual John
had gone to shut off the water for
dinner, a rock was rolld down I loo
kd up there stood two Ladies & two Ge
ntleman. Mrs Fox & Mrs Edwards –
& Edwards & Mcguire. we all soon1
put for the cabins. seated I shewd
then Wife Likeness. then some fine
gold specimens, whitch I gave them
according to fancy. They apparently
pleasd, but I felt kind towards them
& I managed to kiss them booth
dinner was got ready by John
i invited them over to the other

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  1. William Edward described the events of October 10 1855 in his own journal, as follows: “Mrs Fox and Mrs Edwards, escorted by McGuire and myself visited Haun’s diggings and dined with him. He gave the ladies some handsome specimens of gold. I have never seen a man anywhere not even in California so much pleased or elated on the occasion of being visited by ladies.”